Last Call

OCAC Students! This is a reminder to submit your work now!

All written submissions should not exceed 1500 words and should be formatted as .doc or .docx files. Multiple submissions will be accepted, but make sure everything is all polished up because quantity is not the goal here. If you’d still like a chance at publication but do not have any writing you may submit professional-quality photographs of your artwork. These should be formatted as JPEGs and while both landscape and portrait orientations will be accepted, be warned that the format of the publication will be vertical, so any horizontal work is not likely to fill up it’s own page. 

The semester is so close close to being over, please try to find that last bit of extra steam in you to send your hard work off to by Friday, Dec. 16th at midnight

The pains of this week will soon disappear and by the time next semester rolls around, you will be proud to have participated.

If publication and the subsequent resume boost isn’t your style, make sure you support your fellow students by purchasing an issue next semester. Buy one for your mother or your partner or your coffee date! Give them tangible proof of the diverse talents of your peers.


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