‘Thank You’s and Doodles

Hello again, friends and supporters! As Analogy becomes more tangible we feel deeply grateful for all those who have contributed to our startup. An anonymous donor, OCAC Student Commonwealth, OCAC faculty and many individual patrons have made it possible for us to take the next step: formatting for publication. It is so exciting to be at the point where our stories and artwork fall into their places for print (although it takes more than luck to design a good reading experience). We have found a press to handle our printing and have scheduled out release date for April!


In the meantime, we would like to ask OCAC students for their help: we need doodles. They don’t have to be ornate, in fact we would like them to be small and simple. Utilize your margin doodles! See your in-class distractions published! This is a call for ornaments to separate passages within stories. Please send your files to analogy[at]ocac.edu by Saturday, March 3rd. They can be scanned ink drawings or vector drawings. You always knew your doodles would come in handy! Admit it and submit.


That’s all for now. Visit us again next week for some sneak previews of our first issue!

-The Analogous Crew


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