About the Editorial Board

Who we are:

I have this soul-felt fancy that I was meant to live at a different time, that I should be penning this on a clackity type-writer somewhere in Montparnasse circa 1928 with a cigarette and a glass of wine at hand and a hot date with some fellow artists and writers at a salon down the street later on.  Fueled by a love of words and how they manage to get together, hobnob, and create new worlds and ideas, I’ve searched for my modern-day equivalent, this “Life for Art’s sake,” as Margaret Anderson so aptly put it.  Here, at the Oregon College of Art and Craft, in Analogy, I think I may have found a delicious slice of that.  I am a writer, a reader, a thinker, and I’m thrilled to be part of this salon-in-print, a place where Art and writing come together not as separate entities, but as two parts of a whole “inspired conversation”.

– Jenny Bates, Editor-in-Chief

I am a writer who has had more than 500 articles, editorials, essays and other works published in more than 50 publications, including The Nation, The Washington Post and Public Citizen Magazine. I am a recipient of the Washington Press Foundation Award, and I received my MA from the American University, Washington.

– Steve Taylor, Contributing Editor

I received my MFA in Imaging Arts from the Rochester Institute of Technology. After working as a photographer for over 30 years and exhibiting widely in the United States and Europe, I have recently begun to work with other two- and three-dimensional materials to address perceptual and philosophical concerns.

– Phil Harris, Contributing Editor

I received my MA from Portland State University. I have taught at Portland State University & Oregon College of Art and Craft in Oregon, Austria and the Czech Republic.

– Rebecca Kelley, Contributing Editor

I have delved into the divergent realms of art, design, and the written word, and I have been deeply inspired by the many and varied creative means of expressing an idea. I want to linger in the gray area—the place where borders dissolve, definitions are lost, and openness and collaboration rise. I believe that Analogy is such a place.

– Erin Mickelson, Contributing Editor

I suppose it was growing up in a fierce and competitive rivalry with my hot-headed older brother that taught me the value of sharing. Although I still hoard potato chips like there’s no tomorrow, I thoroughly enjoy sharing other things like art-making and storytelling. So please enjoy the images and stories we have chosen to share with you while I enjoy some french onion dip and ruffle crisps.

– Daniel Granias, Contributing Editor

I pile up all these papers I’ve typed on and I imagine my children or grandchildren sifting through them and knowing I was a real person, had real fears and doubts and cursed and had sex and cried. That I loved life and was ignorant and young and didn’t know what to do with myself and was sick with pain, sick with doubt, but I found my way, somehow.

– Brittany Chavez, Contributing Editor

Tattered tarlatan, casserole, fresh cut wood, a wobbly line, and clacking keys. We are capturing the world one sense at a time. 

Michelle Latham, Contributing Editor

Additional Contributing Editors: Alexa Schreck, Ruby Kapka


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