Quality needs Quantity

Hello again friends! Here at Analogy we are starting to feel more grounded. We have two shiny new buttons in the right-hand column of this blog where you can buy a copy of our first edition of the magazine (there is even an ISBN and a title on the spine! We are super professional) AND you can contribute to the next magazine! Why? Because you love us. But mostly because you want to help keep this fantastic opportunity for students, alumni and faculty afloat. With your contribution we can expand our efforts (and our page number), get a classy website and have more community events with fabulous nonprofit arts organizations like p:ear

So now that you are thoroughly convinced, why not enjoy some entertainment? Head on over to our indiegogo site to watch our promotional video and get rewarded for your donation with awesome handmade prizes! Cool!


An Analogous Birth

The labor pains may be over, but the work is just beginning. Of course, we at Analogy believe that work and play mix well and we would like to invite you to come celebrate with us! Think of it as our birthday party. Please bring your own wit and good humor.

ANALOGY Release Party!

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Kennedy School, The Parsons Room

5736 NE 33rd Avenue, Portland, OR

Wine and light fare will be provided.

Additional food and drink will be available for purchase.

Come buy a copy of the magazine and have fun with the folks who made it happen. We’re also thrilled to say that a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to p:ear, a Portland nonprofit dedicated to supporting homeless and transitional youth through education and the arts. They are a  great organization, so please check them out.

‘Thank You’s and Doodles

Hello again, friends and supporters! As Analogy becomes more tangible we feel deeply grateful for all those who have contributed to our startup. An anonymous donor, OCAC Student Commonwealth, OCAC faculty and many individual patrons have made it possible for us to take the next step: formatting for publication. It is so exciting to be at the point where our stories and artwork fall into their places for print (although it takes more than luck to design a good reading experience). We have found a press to handle our printing and have scheduled out release date for April!


In the meantime, we would like to ask OCAC students for their help: we need doodles. They don’t have to be ornate, in fact we would like them to be small and simple. Utilize your margin doodles! See your in-class distractions published! This is a call for ornaments to separate passages within stories. Please send your files to analogy[at]ocac.edu by Saturday, March 3rd. They can be scanned ink drawings or vector drawings. You always knew your doodles would come in handy! Admit it and submit.


That’s all for now. Visit us again next week for some sneak previews of our first issue!

-The Analogous Crew

Last Call

OCAC Students! This is a reminder to submit your work now!

All written submissions should not exceed 1500 words and should be formatted as .doc or .docx files. Multiple submissions will be accepted, but make sure everything is all polished up because quantity is not the goal here. If you’d still like a chance at publication but do not have any writing you may submit professional-quality photographs of your artwork. These should be formatted as JPEGs and while both landscape and portrait orientations will be accepted, be warned that the format of the publication will be vertical, so any horizontal work is not likely to fill up it’s own page. 

The semester is so close close to being over, please try to find that last bit of extra steam in you to send your hard work off to analogysubmissions@ocac.edu by Friday, Dec. 16th at midnight

The pains of this week will soon disappear and by the time next semester rolls around, you will be proud to have participated.

If publication and the subsequent resume boost isn’t your style, make sure you support your fellow students by purchasing an issue next semester. Buy one for your mother or your partner or your coffee date! Give them tangible proof of the diverse talents of your peers.


Many thanks to all those who helped kickstart our first publication by donating money at OCAC’s annual Holiday Sale! Not only are you helping provide a place for students to display the range of their talents, you gave us the gift of excellent conversation and broke our over-caffeinated gaze toward the complimentary coffee.

If you are kicking yourself for not donating or missed the Holiday Sale and would still like to contribute, please notify us by email at analogy[at]ocac.edu. We would be endlessly grateful for your help.


Until next time,

-The Analogous Staff

Call for Submissions!

Call for creative nonfiction and image submissions for the flagship edition of Analogy: A Regional Arts and Letters Magazine from the Oregon College of Art and Craft

  • Submissions for this issue will only be accepted from pre-thesis, thesis and post-bacc students
  • Multiple submissions will be accepted
  • Written pieces should be first drawn from Writing for Artists essays and stories (Please contact Jenny Bates at analogy@ocac.edu with regard to works not written for WFA before submitting)
  • Written pieces should not exceed 2500 words
  • Written pieces should be sent as either .doc or .docx documents
  • Images of artwork should be professional quality (no iPhone or point & shoot pics)
  • Images should be formatted as JPEGs
  • Submissions should be emailed to analogysubmissions@ocac.edu
  • Comments? Questions? Concerns? Contact Jenny Bates at analogy@ocac.edu or by phone
Submissions are due by December 16, 2011, 12:00 PM